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Why Choose Good Hands Placement Group Placement?

Simple: We understand the importance of family and realize that by choosing our services, it means that you are entrusting your loved ones in our hands. And that is something we take great pride in.

Our award-winning staff has over 30 years’ experience in the healthcare and social work industry and proudly has the success rates/stories to prove it. It is our mission to change the way you think about senior placement services by offering you a helping hand every step of the way. From evaluating long term care needs to professional packing and moving, we are here to alleviate the stress and the time involved in finding the right placement for your loved one.

We know the meaning of family and want to welcome you and your loved ones to ours…

What is Good Hands?

Good Hands is your one-stop solution to finding an assisted living, long-term care, memory care, or rehabilitative care facility for you or your loved one.  Instead of undertaking the often daunting, time-consuming, emotional, and frustrating process of searching for a placement facility yourself, let Good Hands handle the process – as experts in the field of placement, we will find facilities for your loved one that meet your high standards of safety and expertise as well as your budget.  As your advocate, Good Hands will narrow your options to only the best facilities that meet you or your loved one’s unique needs and requirements.

How much does your service cost?

The cost for you will depend upon the particular Service Plan that you select to meet you and your loved one’s unique needs.  We strive to help you make this process as economical as possible, by reviewing your insurance and Medicaid/Medicare benefits in order to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses.  Please contact our Intake Specialist to discuss more detailed information about each Service Plan.

Does Good Hands receive compensation from the placement facility you refer to me?

No — Good Hands does NOT receive compensation of any kind from any of the placement facilities that we refer to you – YOU are our client, and no one else.  You can rest assured that our referrals are objective and independent.  Your needs are our number one priority.

How can Good Hands save me money?

Good Hands has the experience, contacts, and expertise to negotiate the most favorable resident agreements for our clients in the most efficient amount of time.  By having extensive knowledge of facility vacancy rates and pricing, placement incentives, and overall market conditions in the Washington, DC metro area, Good Hands will negotiate the most favorable pricing for you or your loved one and ensure that all of your needs and specific care-giving services that your loved one will require from the facility are included.

Will Good Hands help me determine if I can even afford to pay for long-term care?

Absolutely. Our goal at Good Hands to help every one of our clients afford the best care that is available to them.  In doing so, we will take an in-depth look at all of your available resources – private funds, government subsidies (including Medicaid, housing, and veteran subsidies), as well as any long-term care insurance that your loved one may have.

How is Good Hands different from free placement referral services provided by hospitals, volunteer organizations, or government agencies?

Unlike the limited resources of hospitals, volunteer groups, and government agencies, Good Hand has expert staff available to each of our clients, and we take the the time to meet each client’s unique needs.  The result is that every client receives personalized, concierge-style service.

As a Good Hands client, you will receive:

  • An experienced Personal Advisor who will coordinate the entire placement process and advocate on your behalf.
  • An evaluation of your loved one’s placement needs supervised by a licensed social worker.
  • Guided tours of facilities that meet your loved one’s needs.
  • A level-of-care evaluation completed prior to placement.
  • Negotiation of contracts with care facilities for best pricing
  • Assistance in deciphering insurance options.
  • Client follow-up to ensure satisfaction and troubleshooting of issues.
  • Quick response for emergencies or crisis situations.
  • Close-out services of your loved one’s home (i.e. suspension or termination of utilities, personalized moving and storage services).
  • Referral to legal services specializing in elder care, trusts and estates.
  • Availability 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Why should I hire Good Hands, rather than do this myself?

Trying to find the perfect placement facility for you or your loved one can be emotionally draining and time-consuming.  Let Good Hands provide for you much-needed help and expertise.  We know where to find the less-advertised hidden gems in placement care, as well as the more well-known facilities that advertise. Good Hands saves you time – a valuable asset these days – by doing the work for you.  We have the professional expertise to recommend facilities with track records of quality care and excellent customer service.  We maintain a regularly updated database of inspection reports and reviews for assisted living, long-term care, and rehabilitation centers in the Washington, DC metro area. Whether large or small, advertised or not, we find the best care facility to fit your needs.

What is the procedure for touring possible facilities?

We schedule tours of at least two facilities at no charge to you, accompanied by your Personal Advisor, to ensure that all your questions and concerns are properly addressed. Good Hands will provide transportation, or you may ride in your own vehicle if desired. Tours usually take two to three hours. Prior to the tours, we will meet with you to discuss your loved one’s specific care requirements and prepare for the tour.  The tours are designed to be educational, so feel free to ask questions, take notes, and bring along any individual who may be of assistance to you in the decision-making process.

What happens if we are not happy with the placement?

If you have specific issues or concerns regarding the level of satisfaction your loved one receives from the facility after he or she is placed, Good Hands can help mediate this process in order to address the underlying issues, pursuant to the terms of the Resident Agreement between your loved one and the facility.  In the rare occasion that issues with the facility are not resolved, Good Hands can provide further assistance in relocating your loved one to a different facility, pursuant to the terms and conditions of your Good Hands Contract for Services.

What if we run out of money after our loved one is placed in a facility?

One of our priorities at Good Hands is the long-term sustainability of our clients’ placement in the facility of their choosing.  Good Hands will assist you in projecting your loved one’s monthly and yearly expenses to ensure that their care options are compatible with their budgets.

What documents do we need for admission into an assisted living or long-term care provider?

During the tour, your Good Hands advisor will provide you with a Move In Checklist. This will list the documents needed for admission for the type of placement facilities under consideration.