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Meet Donna Wyatt: Director of Logistics and Moving Services. She’s like your best friend with the flair of an interior designer. She’s got the creative eye of an artist and the passion to match it. After her father moved into a senior facility, she offered to help decorate his room. All of the nurses and staff were so amazed with her efforts that this birthed Donna’s love for bringing rooms to life.

With over 5 years’ experience as an Event & Wedding Planner, Donna has just the skills GHPG was looking for. She leads the moving team and works directly with families on setting up your loved one’s new place. Donna has the ability to juggle budgets, create and execute a project timeline, and design room layout plans based on a specified theme and feel. She simply streamlines the full life cycle of the move from professional packing to designing rooms with a magnetic board/app. When it comes to making a place feel like a home, Donna is everyone’s first choice.

Donna is already leaving a legacy of love and excellence from her work ethic to her insatiable drive of making sure each and every client is happy. Donna states it simply: “Giving and showing love to others is a priceless gift.” And those who meet her can feel that love the moment she walks into a room.