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There’s always a story behind the building of a company, and when it comes to GHPG, there’s a sweet story about the building of not just a company but a family.

Darrell Mack was 16 years old when he visited his mother working as a nurse at a state hospital in New York. The seniors always requested his mother and told him how much they loved her. She took the time to brush their hair, bring their favorite cake on Fridays, and generously offer her love during a hard time in their lives. Darrell watched and smiled as he knew that his mom understood the key ingredient in care: compassion.

Fast forward many years later, Darrell went to several senior-care assistance companies and realized that they were nowhere near the level of care that his mother so effortlessly provided. “If I could do this, I could do this a lot better. I could do this on a personal level.” That particular day was a benchmark moment and the birth of the next generation of senior home placement.

With 14 years’ experience in long-term care, life, and health insurance, Darrell has a devoted his life to helping people make the best decisions for themselves and their loved ones. He attributes his success and winning the National Life Leader Sales Award in the field of life insurance as a result of his dedication to his clients and his ability to treat each one like a member of his own family.

Today, as founder of GHPG, Darrell has pioneered the 1st personalized senior care placement and moving services agency in the DMV market (DC, Maryland, and Virginia). His vision to make a difference in people’s lives has already left a lasting impression. Darrell is changing the way our loved ones find care by replacing stress and anxiety with knowledge and compassion. He’s become an industry advisor educating seniors on the latest Medicaid information, how to navigate the health insurance system, and how long-term care will affect them in the future.

His mission is simple: “To place seniors in great environments, offer them a white-glove service, and do so with a team of experts. “ And today that mission is turning into a legacy that even his mother would be proud of.