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4 Simple Steps to Placing Your Loved One in a Home Where They Can Thrive


Meet Your Personal Concierge

One-on-one consultations with family members and loved ones to discuss long term care needs, placement options based on Medicare/Medicaid coverage/eligibility, government assistance options, and budget planning. It’s our job to guide you on finding the best match for your loved one; it’s your job to tell let us take the wheel.

Find Your Ideal Home

Your Concierge will create a “Best Fit List” that will include your preferred options based on location, needs, and budget. They will personally visit local assisted living housing and nursing homes with the strongest customer ratings. Think of it as having your own real estate agent! They will assess cleanliness, safety reviews, facility options (room size, closet space), community activities, nutrition and meal choices, and bed manner of staff.
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Leave it to the Moving Team

Our Professional Packing and Planning Team will supervise all the Move Logistics and all phases of the move from room layout, downsizing options, complete unpacking, room set up and decoration. We understand the importance of detail in making your loved one feel at home. If your mom has a favorite chair, we will make sure that it is waiting for her the moment she walks into her new place. If blueberry pancakes are important to your dad, we will find a place that will make some of his favorite meals so he will feel happy.

Loved One Report Card

After the 1st 30 days of your loved one settling into their new home, our Assessment Experts will visit the facility where your loved is residing to conduct an evaluation of how they are adjusting with their surroundings and how they feel about the care is that is being provided to them. This will involve speaking with the care team at the facility and completing a comprehensive questionnaire (for the resident and the care team). Part of this process entails a “GHPG Grade” based on our professional assessment criteria, a photo of your loved one, and a video to ensure their comfortability and overall well-being and happiness.