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The Next Generation of Senior Home Placement and Senior Moving Services

Finding a home for your loved one shouldn’t be overwhelming.

Yes! Well, it’s time to meet your Concierge Team: Good Hands Placement Group.


We are a family of highly trained experts that are here to guide you step-by-step through the placement process. Our “Southern” philosophy blends the charm and hospitality of the South with the precision of a well-oiled machine. We will come up with a strategic plan to streamline your loved one into their new home without your having to take time off from work and wasting hours researching online. AND… we do this all in the comfort of your home.


We are changing the norm for finding care by taking the stress out of the unknown.


Our Founder, Darrell Mack, is dedicated to offering you personalized services that are truly hands on.  “It’s my job to place your mother in a place that I would feel good about placing my own mother.” From financial planning, facility options, to the actual move, we are masters at helping our clients save money, time, and alleviate unwanted stress. We offer our clients invaluable, insider knowledge into the Senior Care Industry and offer practical and affordable solutions to putting their loved one in the ideal/perfect home.

WE DO! And we are excited to share our wisdom with you.

Our Expert Team will help you by providing VIP LEVEL SERVICES:

  • Personal guided tours of the highest rated housing/nursing homes/placement facilities in your area
  • Individual Consultations to evaluate long term needs based on insurance/eligibility, government assistance programs, and budget planning
  • Professional moving services including packing, logistics, and computer-aided room layouts

We are changing the Face of Senior Care….and are excited to welcome you to our family. elder and Senior Care Services in Springfield, Virginia (VA), Maryland (MD), and Washington DC.

4 Simple Steps to Placing Your Loved One in a Home They Can Thrive at

Meet Your Personal Concierge

One-on-one consultations with family members and loved ones to discuss long term care needs…

Find Your Ideal Home

Your Concierge will create a “Best Fit List” that will include your preferred options based on location, needs, and budget…

Leave it to the Moving Team

Profile view of a business man at a seminar
Our Professional Packing and Planning Team will supervise all the Move Logistics and all phases of the move from room layout…

Loved One Report Card

After the 1st 30 days of your loved one settling into their new home, our Assessment Experts will visit the facility where your loved…

“Our promise as a senior consultant is to deliver value to every client while delivering professional expertise, exceptional service and quality care.”

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